EGD is a third party logistics company.

A young but experienced company that offers customized solutions for the supply chain.

We have the technical capacity to efficiently manage all logistics operations…like many players in our sector.

We have a large network of warehouses tailored to our customers’ needs… as do many of our competitors

We have leading technology in the sector… but none of these three things distinguishes us.

What makes us different.

We are a true partner to all our customers.

We are the company that helps our clients achieve their goals.

We are the team that exceeds expectations.

The way we manage the relationships with our customers is what makes us different and the reason why top global corporations keep choosing us.


A friend recommended EGD to me for a logistics operation. They spoke very highly of you. Have you been on the market for a long time?

We started the Company in 2016 with the illusion of doing what we had always done but looking for a differential customer experience with EGD. After starting with warehousing and assembly operations, we have extended our offer to eCommerce and home delivery. And business has grown continuously and steadily.

Do you only operate in Spain or are you also present in other countries?

We operate in Spain and the United Kingdom. We currently utilize over 100.000 m2 of warehouse space (single and multi-client).

Do you operate in the UK? Did you set up business there after Brexit?

We have been operating in a logistics park in the heart of the UK since 2018 with a 10.000 m2 platform to serve companies that need an agile operation base for the UK market.


At EGD we believe in Easy Business.

It is essential for specialist companies to make things straightforward and easy to earn the customer´s trust.

All of our procedures are personal, direct and transparent based on Lean Manufacturing Methodology.

We seek to build trust providing outstanding service. Ensuring productivity is our goal.


We asked some of our customers to explain why they trust EGD.

Wolfgang Hartlaub

Managing director of European operations


“A trustworthy relationship that is exemplified by a flexible and solution-oriented work flow”

René Rambags

Logistic manager


“We have been working with EGD since 2016 and they have always helped us to find quick solutions in situations of need and to implement strategic approaches derived from business growth. EGD is always responsive to our needs.”

Jesús Soler

Operations director


“I see logistics as the joint work of specialist companies that seek innovation and excellence. This definition fits EGD perfectly and makes day operations easier.”

Guillem Vila

Distribution manager


“For us EGD is a key partner that offers us versatility and flexibility in our current growth scenario.”


David Rovira

Operations Director

Pedro Robles

New Projects Director

Sandra Solano

Administration and Finance Director

José Luis López

Business Development Director

Daniel Solano

Strategic Planning Director

His experience in the world of logistics services and his vision of administrative-financial processes enable him to manage operational support tasks in a way that helps customers achieve their business objectives. Commitment taken to activities further away from the direct operation.

Toni Armengol


Bringing simplicity to operations and trust to customers have been the goals of a professional career based on empathy, transparency and commitment to service quality. A new challenge was set: to build a Company faithful to these values that would occupy a significant place in the logistics market. EGD Logistics is the result.


Let us to show you that we are a different logistics company.

Drop us a line.

Thank you very much for your interest.